thumb|300px|rightVioletta: I love Paris in the springtime! Je t'aime Paris in the fall!

Cody: That's great, Sierra! Keep going!

Violetta: It's the city of love in the summer! But now, it's just a bummer! 'Cause... Cody broke my heart and chewed it up and spit it out and, then, stepped on it and threw it down a sewer and called it names and, then, laughed! Oui, my friends! You must never trust a boy! Oui, my friends! They will treat you like a toy! Oui, my friends! They will-! Aw... Break your heart and chew it up and spit it out and, step on it and throw it down a sewer and call it names and, then, laugh!

Cody: Wait up, Sierra!

Owen: Oui, my friend! You are going to make it through!

Noah: (laser hits his shoe) Um, non, my friend. That thing just burned off my shoe.

Violetta: Oui, my friends! All I did was love him true!

Heather: Cody, what are you doing?!

Cody: I'm trying!

Violetta: Oui, my friends! Now, I'm stuck telling you: If you fall in love with a boy on TV, and then audition to get on his show, and then audition again, and finally get on the show, and be nice to him and do nothing but kiss up, you will still- Oui, end up in Paris! Oui, feeling despaires! And, the boy won't even take you outside!

Heather: All she wants to do is go outside!? Do it, Cody!


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