Zack: Mm, mmm... Crocodile amigos, what'cha swarmin' for?thumb|300px|right

Courtney: We don't mean to bug you!

Gwen: Please let us reach the shore!

Camelo: (honks twice)

Lindsay: These crocs are getting killy!

Harold: Just bop 'em on the nose! I learned that in Muskrat Boys, it vanquishes all foes!

Ezekiel: No!

Zack: It's rowin' time!

Todos: Vanquish 'em! Vanquish 'em!

Todos: Crocodile season!

DJ: It's rowin' time!

todos: Crocodiles! Crocodiles!

DJ: Tell me I'm not sinking!

Cody: Yeah, it's rowin' time!

Todos: Sink it in! Sink it in!

Todos:' Crocodile season!

Zack: It's rowin' time!

Todos: Rowin' time! Rowin' time!

Violleta: Til the Americans...

Americans: Win!!!

Courtney: Yeah!